Sunday, 13 March 2011


If you are here, you are likely researching an unexpected COD charge on a recent UPS Ground shipment from the US into Canada.

My wife purchased a birthday present for me via that was sold and shipped from a US vendor and had it shipped via UPS Ground. This blog is my story. It tells how I found out I was about to be charged an exorbitant brokerage fee for a service I neither requested nor approved and how I avoided it legally and inexpensively.

If you are a Canadian interested in avoiding a UPS brokerage fee, there is probably some information of value for you here. For anyone else, it's a relatively short read and if you're like me, it might hold a few surprises regarding what you may or may not have known about UPS US/Can. shipments.


This blog is not legal advice. It is a diary of my own experience and research. You cannot avoid paying legal duties and taxes on goods imported into Canada. This is not about avoiding taxes or duties. In fact, part of this process is paying them as required directly to a customs agent. This is about avoiding the UPS brokerage fee which is nothing more than a ridiculously large service charge paid directly to UPS for a service you neither asked for nor necessarily require.

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